After Effects Lightning Effect

Lightning Electricity Effect After Effects
Lightning Electricity Effect After Effects

A very common question is how to create the after effects lightning effect. SonduckFilm has been inspired by the latest Apex Legends Season 2 announcement where a new legend named Wattson has been introduced (WATTson…like in megawatt, got it? – nevermind).

After Effects And The Built In Lightning Effect

Alright so in order to create this in After Effects just go to the effects panel and under ‘Generate’ find the ‘Advanced Lightning’ effect. Once you add that to your layer it will look like a flash of perfect lightning right out of the box.

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Initially, this comes with 2 anchor points. Just drag the origin anchor point to where you want your after effects lightning effect to start. The other anchor point will determine the direction of the lightning.

We Want It To Look Like Electricity

In the settings over at the effects control panel you can set the ‘Lightning Type’ which then will limit the length to the second anchor point. That’s what we want in this case. Now animate the ‘Conductivity State’ over time and you’ve got some nice movement of the individual branches. With settings like ‘Forking’ and ‘Decay’ you can tweak the look some more. Under ‘Core Settings’ you can pick a new color and give it some glow.

In the tutorial below SonduckFilm is taking it even further by adding an additional glow effect and a lens flare effect to the source of the lighting.

After Effects Electricity Effect

If you are looking for a plug-in with a little more control over the electricity effect with some more features you might want to check out Videocopilot’s free Saber Plug-in:

This a very popular plug-in. Itgives you a wide variety of options to create anything that’s supposed to look like energy blasts and plasma effects.

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