Free Music Video After Effects Pack

Music Video Preset Pack For After Effects
Music Video Preset Pack For After Effects

For those of you who are creating music videos with Premiere Pro and After Effects this tutorial here from Andrew James is definitely something you don’t want to miss.

Although this is supposed to be a promotional video for AE Rocket and it’s commercial preset pack, the sponsor is generou enough to give a away a free sample of the package that you can download from their page.

In a quick rundown Andrew ist giving you a brief overview of what the full package has to offer. And with just a few clicks you can create videos that look like a professional artist has been working on it for weeks.

From title animations over film damage & VHS effects to light leaks/flares, it’s a pretty versatile package and even with the free sample located in the description of this tutorial you can create some cool shots for your next music video production.


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