Create 3D Title Animations In After Effects Without Plug-Ins

With only 2 days left for the Terminator: Dark Fate competition, you might want to fine-tune your entry with some 3D text animations. In this tutorial, I am showing you how to create a shiny metal 3D text in After Effects without any plug-ins.

After Effects comes with the Cinem4D graphics engine, which allows you to build great quality 3D text right within the software without even touching a 3D plug-in. For this tutorial, I am using an .hdr map that I had created in HDR Light Studio, so the text does have something to reflect on the surface.

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Unlock the download below and download the .hdr map I used in the tutorial to follow along. There are many resources where you can download .hdr maps so you can actually create your very own look.

I can’t wait to see what your remix for the #CreateYourFate Challenge. Just head over to the competition page and upload your entry.


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