NBA Youngboy – Valuable Pain After Effects Tutorial / Premiere Template

Today I will show you how to create the title animation from the new NBA Youngboy – Valuable Pain official music video.

When you know how to create text animations in After Effects a little bit it’s pretty easy actually. Just a few text animation presets and tweaking a few values here and there and you got yourself exactly the same text animation as in the music video.

But if you know me we’re not going to stop there, I will also export a Premiere Pro Mograph Template real quick, so you can actually swap the text in real-time and have your own text animated exactly like in the video. You don’t even have to mess with After Effects 🙂

However, I’m still giving you the source file along with the Mograph Template for Adobe Premiere Pro. Just make sure you have the font installed that I used in the tutorial (it’s “Impact”). It’s a pretty common font so it’s very likely you have it installed already.

Head over to the download section below, unlock the link with a like/share/tweet and have fun with the free template.

Hope you liked the tutorial, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment here or on the youtube channel or ask me anything in Twitter I’ll try my best to reply asap.

These questions are actually a great resource for new tutorial ideas so if you have anything, let me know.


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