Game of Thrones 3D Movie Font – Free Download

If you are not only a Game of Thrones, but also a film and tv enthusiast you probably know that the title is based on the font ‘Trajan’. Actually my very first tutorial was about creating a 3D font pack based on Trajan in Cinema4D. To get the serifs right and a perfect rounding you’d have to manually model the letters.

I thought today, where the final episode of Game of Thrones is being published, might be a good day to re upload that tutorial on Youtube and publish that font pack again.

I’ve been getting requests for that font pack years later. After I made that first tutorial I did not make another one for years, which in retrospect I do regret a little bit 😉

So here is the pack for you to download. You can find an .obj version of the 3D font so you can use it with any other 3D package. You might have to align the pivot point of the individual letters though.


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